Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thought of the The Day: Receiving

Thought of the Day:
It's All Happening

I believe the best way to receive is to release the need to control.  There are so many things including time, people, and other tangible and intangible objects that are simply not in our control.  When you accept that all is happening for a reason and trust that the way that life is turning out is for THE BEST, you release control.  

Releasing control is often one of the most challenging lessons for anyone to learn.  Often time, our body will face a physical dis-ease to remind us to let go and force us to physically let go.  Last year I had a surgery performed on my right hand.  I realized that this accident that caused the surgery occurred for multiple reasons, and one of them being a sign and message for me to let go.  As a person who is right hand dominant, not having the same access to my beloved right hand forced me to let go and pause in many ways.  There were simply things that I had no power to control.  

As I let go, I also LET IN.  I allowed for my beloved friends and family to help me, and the kindest moment being my dear sisterfriend  washing my hair for me (that was something else I could not do).  While allowing myself to let go, I was able to let others in and allow myself to receive some true blessings and memorable treasures and valuable lessons.

Affirm today:  I allow the Universe to unravel perfectly.  I am at peace with the Universe.  I am the Universe.

Trust that all is happening perfectly, and you shall receive a bliss that will continue to grow and develop and turn into all of your dreams and goals!

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