Monday, April 13, 2009

Thought of the Day: Seeing What is Right in Front of you

Thought of the Day:
Conquer what is right in front of you...then you can conquer what is ahead.
-Dr. Creflo Dollar 

One of the most challenging parts of Sunday night for me is preparing for the upcoming week ahead, specifically for Monday.  My mind begins to think of everything that is due, needs to be addressed, needs to be followed up on and it begins to jumble into one big mess.

At Church this weekend, my pastor said the above-mentioned quote and as I heard it, I thought that this was something to share.  While it is important to keep our eyes on the prize or the final product/end result, it is also important to address one moment and one task at a time.  Sometimes we look so far ahead that we do not see that it is one simple thing right before us that we must conquer or do that will accelerate our path to our desired destination.

Today I challenge you to look at the tasks right in front of you, closest to you - the tasks on your desk, in your email, in your mailbox and take the time to conquer them all today and this week.  As you conquer them, you may notice that there are more tasks that appear.  Remember that when tasks are presented, it means that you are moving to a new level and you are not at all standing still, but are marching along.  Be confident that you are gaining momentum to conquer victoriously all of the tasks ahead of you as you take time to be present to address all that are currently in front of you!

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