Monday, April 20, 2009

Thought for the Day: Being Compassionate

Thought for the Day:
Through compassion you find that all human beings are just like you.
- The Dalai Lama

Despite all the differences that we are taught to think that we have from one another, we are actually more alike then we are different.  Through compassion, we are able to realize that we are one in the same, and when we realize that we are one in the same, we are able to:
1) Help others with ease
2) Allow others to help us with ease
3) Realize how interconnected we are to all those around us or whom we are attracting

Each person that we encounter give us a chance to see our reflection; like attracts like.  It may be in a different form than ourselves or expressed differently but it is one in the same.  If you are attracting people who you are not crazy about, instead of wanting them to change, think about how you can change your view of them and share more love with them.  In this way, being compassionate allows us to grow closer to individuals as well as to communities and humanity.

It is often that while we grow closer to humanity in this way, that we are able to allow for our inner voice and inner desires to surface.  We are often able to see what we are able to see all the potential we have to offer to humanity and our communities.

Sometimes it may seem as though we are alone or that there is no one supporting us and our goals.  I challenge you, if you are feeling this, to support someone else (in whatever way is relevant to you - pray for someone, donate to someone's cause, etc).  As you support others, you will feel the support from others in a mental and physical way.  Today, if you are feeling that there is something lacking in your life (love, opportunity, etc), give it! Give your love to someone, give an opportunity to someone...etc.  What we give returns to us multifold.

As you continue to make your affirmations today, think about what you are doing and how what you are affirming and manifesting is helping humanity in ANY way!  As you see how it is helpful, you will see that it is happening and supported by the Universe!

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