Monday, June 22, 2009

July's New Moon in Cancer 6/22/09 @ 3:35p

Today we will receive a new moon in the sign of Cancer, while the sun is currently in Cancer as well! Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so intuition will be running deep today, and we must listen to it and allow for it to speak to us. The sign of Cancer is typically associated with words like: emotional, moody, protective, nurturing, intuitive, maternal, domestic and touchy. Cancer naturally rules the 4th house, which is the house that defines our domestic affairs, the nature of our home and often one of our parents. So this may be a great time to tap into our home lives and renew our values and goals there.

Our original home though is our body. Our body is truly the home of ALL the atoms and molecules that make us who we are. The body houses are bones, flesh, muscles, thoughts, and breath. Our breath being our key to life and our connection to something outside of our body homes. During a new moon we naturally have energy favoring new habits, new forms and new changes. We are able to tap into this energy if we intend to. The new moon in Cancer prompts a certain energy or sway towards home life and towards the feelings listed above. Our bodies store all emotions, thoughts and memories. They are stored in organs, cells, muscles and body parts and while we may not even be conscious of them, they are there. Listen to the body and listen to the wisdom of the body that you cannot necessarily see with your 2 physical eyes or hear with your 2 physical ears, but that you are still able to sense and work from. What is it telling you? What is affecting your body home? What is making your body home not reach its optimal existence?

It may be time to change something, and it might be something small or something big. There is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein that says,

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

If we do the same thing over and over again, we are reaping the same exact results. And if there is an area in your life that you want to change or improve, it has to start with doing something different. That something different can be anything - it might be the way you think about it, it may be a small minor change or a large change. It has to start somewhere though.

Today I challenge you to start somewhere towards your goals. It might be scary, but fear is inevitable and once confronted will cease to paralyze you ( I have to tell myself this daily as fear is constantly trying to make a way into my home).

Choose to do something different everyday. Try something different, wake up at a different time, take a new route to work in the morning, start thinking about things differently, and see what doorways it leads you to.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Movie Review: The 5 Keys to Mastery

One of the reasons that I am still a Netflix member is because they do have lots of movies/documentaries on spirituality, life, and metaphysics. I recently watched The 5 Keys to Mastery :

The 5 Keys to Mastery are:
1) Surrender to Your Passion
2) Practice,Practice,Practice
3) Get a Guide
4) Visualize the Outcome
5) Play the Edge

The 2 keys that I feel inclined to discuss more are:
* Practice, Practice, Practice
* Visualize the Outcome

I think that life is just all a practice. There is never a finale or a point of true completion. We may set a goal to reach, and upon getting there we realize that there is another goal to move towards immediately following. We may learn to play a song on the piano that we have been practicing for ages and finally get it right, and then realize it is time to move on to the next song. Practice connotes a continuum and allows us to have different amounts and expressions of practice as long as we keep the outcome in mind. Whatever it is that you love and are committed to, practice it daily. Faith without work is dead. Practice a little, practice a lot until practice is living in every singly action and decision to take.
Visualize the outcome! Work backwards. Instead of trying to work towards something, imagine you are already there, and work backwards and believe you are already at the outcome, now just try to fill in the everything in between.

This is a 1 hour long movie with interesting interviewees, I definitely think many actors can benefit from this film as it interviews quite a bit of actors and acting coaches and gives tips on auditions specifically. It is a short movie, and may inspire you to surrender more deeply into your passion!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sending Clear Messages to The Universe

We are constantly sending messages to the Universe through our thoughts, our words and our actions. Every single feeling and action has meaning and each is received by the Universe and processed. There is no thought or word that is not accounted for. I don't write this scare you or to make you feel that you have a whole bunch of messages out there that you didn't mean to send. I write this to encourage you to commit to sending clear messages through your thoughts, through your spoken and unspoken words, and through you actions. Everyday is a new day to do better and to learn from the previous day.

So I ask you, are you sending clear messages to the Universe? When you are not controlling your mind, what kind of thoughts and feelings do you automatically have? Do you automatically have feelings of overwhelm and fear? Or does your mind autopilot to peace and excitement for life? I would guess that each day is different and presents different thoughts and actions due to the course of events of the day. However I have faith that you can live in a mind of peace constantly no matter what the course of the day and no matter how many seeming challenges come up.

Today send your clear messages, set the pace that you want your life to take through your thoughts, actions and words. All yourself to live in peace and receive the goodness that you are sending out to the Universe!