Friday, April 17, 2009

Thought of the Day: The Mental Garden

Thought Of the Day:
Cultivate the garden within.
- Proverb

We are all growing a garden in our minds.  Imagine that every single thought that you have is a seed.  And with nutrients and energy and positive people and encouragement, those seeds are planted and then grow into a flower or a field or an orchard in the physical world.  However when the seed that you plant is not taking to the ground which you planted it in, it may be time to re-examine the soil which you are planting it in.  It may not be a problem with the seed, in fact, it may be that the soil is dry and has not been tilled.  

What kind of soil are you keeping within?  Are you tilling your soils and weeding it regularly?

Similar to an actual garden, the mental garden will sometimes grow weeds.  These weeds can grow tall and sometimes overpower the other plants in the garden.  Weeds will suck nutrients from the soil and potentially starve the other plants.

Weeds are apart of nature and are going to grow, but it is up to us to determine how far we will let them grow, or if we will uproot them as soon as we see a sign of one.

Today take care of your mental and spiritual garden.  Uproot any weeds or undesirable thoughts that are trying to make a permanent stay in your mind and in your life.  Give value to the thoughts that you are actively planting and make room for them to grow strong and healthy roots to produce a ripe and delicious crop!

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