Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts of the Day: Accepting Your Truest Self and Success

Quotes of the Day:
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
-Marianne Williamson 

What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present, and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?
-A Course in Miracles

Success is a journey, not a destination. 
-Ben Sweetland

Congratulations on maintaining your personal journey into success today on day 21!
I hope that the last 21 days have been as self-investigative and momentous for you as they have been for me.  I thank you so much for reading, and joining me with your energy on the mental and spiritual planes!  I am so thankful for your participating and helping me to learn these lessons in a special way.

Today I want to talk about conflict.  Someone recently confessed to me something along the lines that they were scared that God's plan for them would not match up to their plan for themselves.  I also admit that these used to be the main thoughts on my mind and wondering what if God wants _____ for me or what if _____ doesn't happen for me? Well I leave you with 2 things - 1) God only wants what is TRULY perfect for you and 2) Accept that and you will open up new energies into your life, as well as release energies from your life.  Sometimes releasing is very challenging because we have attached ourselves so heavily to an object or another person, that when they are released from our life it seems like a painful loss.  Sometimes acquiring is challenging as it puts new responsibilities on our plate. Accept.  Accept what is happening, and realize that it is all for your growth, development, and ability to live at optimal level.  

As you continue to accept, your life shall unfold and you will be RIGHT in the place where your desires coincide with God's desires for  you.  WHAT A DIVINE PLACE!! In that place, you are FREE and 100% supported and able to manifest anything you want, because you know that it is beyond the ego and beyond human desires - it is what must happen, simply put.

May you all continue on your paths with LOVE and getting to know your Divine self!  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thought for the Day: Being Compassionate

Thought for the Day:
Through compassion you find that all human beings are just like you.
- The Dalai Lama

Despite all the differences that we are taught to think that we have from one another, we are actually more alike then we are different.  Through compassion, we are able to realize that we are one in the same, and when we realize that we are one in the same, we are able to:
1) Help others with ease
2) Allow others to help us with ease
3) Realize how interconnected we are to all those around us or whom we are attracting

Each person that we encounter give us a chance to see our reflection; like attracts like.  It may be in a different form than ourselves or expressed differently but it is one in the same.  If you are attracting people who you are not crazy about, instead of wanting them to change, think about how you can change your view of them and share more love with them.  In this way, being compassionate allows us to grow closer to individuals as well as to communities and humanity.

It is often that while we grow closer to humanity in this way, that we are able to allow for our inner voice and inner desires to surface.  We are often able to see what we are able to see all the potential we have to offer to humanity and our communities.

Sometimes it may seem as though we are alone or that there is no one supporting us and our goals.  I challenge you, if you are feeling this, to support someone else (in whatever way is relevant to you - pray for someone, donate to someone's cause, etc).  As you support others, you will feel the support from others in a mental and physical way.  Today, if you are feeling that there is something lacking in your life (love, opportunity, etc), give it! Give your love to someone, give an opportunity to someone...etc.  What we give returns to us multifold.

As you continue to make your affirmations today, think about what you are doing and how what you are affirming and manifesting is helping humanity in ANY way!  As you see how it is helpful, you will see that it is happening and supported by the Universe!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thought of the The Day: Receiving

Thought of the Day:
It's All Happening

I believe the best way to receive is to release the need to control.  There are so many things including time, people, and other tangible and intangible objects that are simply not in our control.  When you accept that all is happening for a reason and trust that the way that life is turning out is for THE BEST, you release control.  

Releasing control is often one of the most challenging lessons for anyone to learn.  Often time, our body will face a physical dis-ease to remind us to let go and force us to physically let go.  Last year I had a surgery performed on my right hand.  I realized that this accident that caused the surgery occurred for multiple reasons, and one of them being a sign and message for me to let go.  As a person who is right hand dominant, not having the same access to my beloved right hand forced me to let go and pause in many ways.  There were simply things that I had no power to control.  

As I let go, I also LET IN.  I allowed for my beloved friends and family to help me, and the kindest moment being my dear sisterfriend  washing my hair for me (that was something else I could not do).  While allowing myself to let go, I was able to let others in and allow myself to receive some true blessings and memorable treasures and valuable lessons.

Affirm today:  I allow the Universe to unravel perfectly.  I am at peace with the Universe.  I am the Universe.

Trust that all is happening perfectly, and you shall receive a bliss that will continue to grow and develop and turn into all of your dreams and goals!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thought of the Day: Walking By Faith

Thought of the Day:
For we walk by faith, not by sight.
- 2 Corinthians 5:7

Have you ever been to Antarctica?  Most likely the answer is no.  Yet do you believe that it exists? Most likely the answer in yes.

Do no be discouraged if you are not able to physically see some of the manifestations that you have been affirming and working towards.  Don't you know that the physical eye is limited, and does not always see EVERYTHING.  How many times have you been searching for your keys or your wallet, could not see it, but yet it was right in front of you?

Similarly, you may think that you cannot see your physical manifestations, but yet they ARE right in front of you.  They may be in a form that you are not yet able to recognize as  your manifestation, or that your physical eye may not be able to see.  The physical eye is limited only to things that the mind believes as true.  In fact, your physical eye may be narrowing in on something tiny that when magnified, appears larger than it is.  Do not be moved by challenges that only seem big because your are narrowing in on them, making them appear larger than they actually are.  Do not be moved by these challenges, for they are only potentials for your growth!

There are so many things that we cannot physically see.  We don't see the cells in our body, but we know that they are busy working, multiplying and healing.  We don't see our bones and internal organs but we know they are vital and we must take care of them.  Treat your manifestations and your goals in this same way.  Even though you may not have physical proof for the eye of your goals and dreams being in existence RIGHT NOW, does not mean that they are not existing!!!  They are just as alive as anything you can or cannot see.

Hold on tight to your faith and to your belief and stand in that faith, even when feeling discouraged, walk by faith and not by sight!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thought of the Day: The Mental Garden

Thought Of the Day:
Cultivate the garden within.
- Proverb

We are all growing a garden in our minds.  Imagine that every single thought that you have is a seed.  And with nutrients and energy and positive people and encouragement, those seeds are planted and then grow into a flower or a field or an orchard in the physical world.  However when the seed that you plant is not taking to the ground which you planted it in, it may be time to re-examine the soil which you are planting it in.  It may not be a problem with the seed, in fact, it may be that the soil is dry and has not been tilled.  

What kind of soil are you keeping within?  Are you tilling your soils and weeding it regularly?

Similar to an actual garden, the mental garden will sometimes grow weeds.  These weeds can grow tall and sometimes overpower the other plants in the garden.  Weeds will suck nutrients from the soil and potentially starve the other plants.

Weeds are apart of nature and are going to grow, but it is up to us to determine how far we will let them grow, or if we will uproot them as soon as we see a sign of one.

Today take care of your mental and spiritual garden.  Uproot any weeds or undesirable thoughts that are trying to make a permanent stay in your mind and in your life.  Give value to the thoughts that you are actively planting and make room for them to grow strong and healthy roots to produce a ripe and delicious crop!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 16: True Gratitude

Thoughts Of the Day:
Fake it till you make it.

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.
Brian Tracy

Now that you have been practicing your affirmations, reflect on your attitude.  Has affirming and being committed to your faith in your ability to manifest created a new sort of attitude or has it enhanced your existing attitude?

*How would you act right now if everything that you have affirmed and prayed for was 100% present in the physical world?*

Well that is how you should be acting and feeling right now!  You should be feeling whatever way you would feel.  

If you truly believe in the your words and what you have been working towards, then you may have experienced an attitude adjustment over the last 16 days.  What does it mean to truly believe in your words?  It means that you are so faithful in them that you already KNOW that you have manifested everything that you affirmed as soon as you opened your mouth!  How could belief adjust your attitude?  Well because you are believing so strongly, you are in a state of deep and unconditional gratitude, therefore constantly always in a good mood full of joy because you are acting in the same way you would act when all your manifestations occur.  You must be oozing gratitude out so much that you are smiling and rejoicing in every arena that you step into.

Faking it till you make it is part of our everyday lexicon, but what it really means is to walk with gratitude.  Know that you have already made it and give thanks to those who have helped you, encouraged you, and taught you the lessons that you needed!  When you give thanks, you are acknowledging the receipt of an action or a thing, so BEGIN GIVING THANKS AND ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR RECEIPT NOW!  Thank all that surrounds you - people and things!

As you find yourself dwelling in this state of gratitude more and more, you will find that:
1) It is impossible for anything to steal your joy.
2) That you are truly empowered to steer your life.
3) That an attitude of gratitude attracts more moments in life to be thankful for.

Thank you all for reading this and participating and contributing your energies to this plane of thought and for truly changing the world through your thoughts!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thought of the Day: The Force of Love

Thought of the Day:
Love is the Force that Gets Things Done.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about time, and I confess that one of the challenges that I deal with regularly is being present and patient, and allowing the NOW or today to speak for itself and provide for itself, rather than to let anxieties about the future ruin or disturb the equilibrium of the now.

I love the quote above and I reference it constantly to myself and to others.  Sometimes we think that it is physical objects like money or people who make things happen, but what is behind those physical objects that are appearing to move things?  What is truly the force that produces success, happiness, miracles, great opportunities, and everything else?  I propose that it is love, and that it is love that truly makes all things happen.    Miracles happen out of love, and people open up because of love, and so on and so forth.

Where we are today, as happy, is through love.

Nothing positive or momentous has ever happened in this world without some love.  Without love, there is nothing, there is stagnancy, there is fear, there is anger, there is scarcity.  So if you are experiencing any of these nouns, I challenge you to add more love into the equation in whatever way is comfortable and makes sense for you.  Be the force to help and encourage all those who are around you.  Let yourself give love.  It is free!  

"Peace begins with a smile" - Mother Theresa, let it start with you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thought of the Day: The Importance of Love

Thought of the Day:
That Love is all there is,
Is all we know of Love.
~Emily Dickinson
When we live life simply and embrace love into all parts of our existence and communication, it can help us to truly put into perspective what living is all about. While we may turn on the news and be bombarded with messages of studies, and findings and observations - what really matters at the end of the day is love. Love is much more deep than just holding hands or romance, but love is about true compassion and remaining steady and committed to compassion. Spend time with your friends, family and other loved ones. Remember how important they are to you, and be important to them in return. Let all of your relationships be infused with love so much that it seeps into every interaction you have in life!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thought of the Day: Seeing What is Right in Front of you

Thought of the Day:
Conquer what is right in front of you...then you can conquer what is ahead.
-Dr. Creflo Dollar 

One of the most challenging parts of Sunday night for me is preparing for the upcoming week ahead, specifically for Monday.  My mind begins to think of everything that is due, needs to be addressed, needs to be followed up on and it begins to jumble into one big mess.

At Church this weekend, my pastor said the above-mentioned quote and as I heard it, I thought that this was something to share.  While it is important to keep our eyes on the prize or the final product/end result, it is also important to address one moment and one task at a time.  Sometimes we look so far ahead that we do not see that it is one simple thing right before us that we must conquer or do that will accelerate our path to our desired destination.

Today I challenge you to look at the tasks right in front of you, closest to you - the tasks on your desk, in your email, in your mailbox and take the time to conquer them all today and this week.  As you conquer them, you may notice that there are more tasks that appear.  Remember that when tasks are presented, it means that you are moving to a new level and you are not at all standing still, but are marching along.  Be confident that you are gaining momentum to conquer victoriously all of the tasks ahead of you as you take time to be present to address all that are currently in front of you!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thought of the Day: Adding Action to you Thoughts

Thought of the Day
Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mind is the wielder of muscles. The force of a hammer blow depends on the energy applied; the power expressed by a man's bodily instrument depends on his aggressive will and courage. The body is literally manufactured and sustained by mind. Through pressure of instincts from past lives, strengths or weaknesses percolate gradually into human consciousness. They express as habits, which in turn ossify into a desirable or an undesirable body. Outward frailty has mental origin; in a vicious circle, the habit-bound body thwarts the mind. If the master allows himself to be commanded by a servant, the latter becomes autocratic; the mind is similarly enslaved by submitting to bodily dictation.
-Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

Congratulations to all for making it to a half way point for OM!  Your new affirmations are starting to form new habits in your way of thinking (whether you are conscious of it or not).  Today I want to talk about the importance now of adding action to your affirmations.  

Imagine your brain/mind as the nose of the ship - it is what will guide you and steer you, but there are still so many other parts of the ship that have to be apart of the sailing process.  In this same way, it is important to make sure that you are matching actions up with your thoughts and being mindful of keeping your actions in line with your thoughts.

If you are working on manifesting a healthy lifestyle, repeating affirmations committed to health is great, and now you must allow your body to begin to follow those affirmations and start showing its committment to a healthy lifestyle.  If you are saying these affirmations, but eating only junk food, are you truly lined up wholly to manifest your intentions?  

Or are you allowing your body to steer the ship and letting the mind follow?

Now that you are allowing for change to occur on the mental and spiritual planes, allow and be open to change to occur on the physical plane!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thought for the Day: Letting it Rain; April Showers Bring May Flowers

Thought for the Day:
The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. - Rabindranath Tagore 
If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning. - Frederick Douglass

I am inspired to write today by what I see in looking out my window.  Other New York City residents reading this (if you're close to where I am) may be experiencing a similar scene from their window.  It has been raining today since you awoke and there has not even been a brief appearance today by the sun.  It is a cool rain that encourages you to stay right where you are (probably inside).

Sometimes the rain is shunned by society, we see it as an inconvenience - we have to carry extra accessories like umbrellas, we are more aware of the possibility of frizzy hair, and just the concept of getting wet bothers many people.  Today I have stayed put myself and have enjoyed what the rain sometimes does offer which is a moment to embrace stillness.  The rain is necessary for all life to exist, so we might as well give thanks!  Just as important as the sun, the earth, and wind, rain literally provides nutrients to the soil for plants to grow and life form to exist and thrive.  Metaphorically speaking rain is the element which provides moments for us to reflect and grow as well.  A healthy life needs all 4 elements and equal amounts!  

There is a Kirk Franklin song called "Hide Me", the lyrics say:
Hide me
Let me live behind You
Cause I need
Shelter from the rain
Remind me
The only way my faith can grow
Is when You let Your winds blow
You're making me stronger now, so rain,
Don't go away
Don't go away

Following up to yesterday's message, embrace the rainy days as you do the sunny days - they are both days that are necessary for your whole health and growth.  Remember that the rain (both literally and figuratively) is here to nurture you and give you life!  You are always supported by this Universe!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thought For the Day: Overcoming Challenges

Thought For the Day:
“If you are going through hell, keep going.”
-Winston Churchill

The only way to move on from a challenging situation is to confront it, look it in the eye and move through it.  Once you confront the situation and look it in the eye, you will see that it is nothing more than a mere teaching exercise of temporary nature.  You may even thank the situation for existing in order to help show you areas that you want to grow in and habits you are ready to release.  As you move through the situation, you will see that it is temporary, and therefore not worth stress or sadness.

One of the most challenging lessons to learn in life for me has been to remain joyful and not let ANYONE or ANYTHING steal my joy.  Yogi Bhajan says, "Happiness is our birthright", so I must hold onto that birthright and keep it with me at all times no matter how difficult or how trying the situation is to the spirit.  

Continue to confront your challenges.  Challenges are often mirrors reflecting back areas that we still remain fearful in.  So confront the areas that you are still operating fearfully or hesitantly in.  What is holding you back from radiating your most confident self?  Why are you still in a situation that makes you operate fearfully?  Are you moving through the fear or are you simply standing in it paralyzed...?

Continue to affirm and remember that each affirmation is movement in itself.  Sending you the momentum to live joyfully full of love every breath of your life!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thought For The Day: Manifesting During a Full Moon!

Thought of the Day:
Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides
-Rita Mae Brown

Today, Thursday April 9, 2009 @ 10:56am EST marked a full moon in the sign of Libra. The full moon is a special time. The full moon represents a culmination and a fullness; this is a time where you can expect some of the effort that you have been putting in to reveal itself in some way. The full moon marks the point where the moon can get no larger, so it reaches its most full point and then begins to release.

The full moon is a time of wholeness, it is a time of sometimes so much wholeness that we can feel like we are about to burst. The full moon though will show us our potential, it will show all the things we are able to perform and visions we are able to manifest. This feeling of fullness is a gift as it encourages us and surprises us. Let this be a time of a) reflection on all the things that you are working on and how far you have moved. Think about how far you have come in 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year. Allow yourself to be still yet at at the same time grow within stillness and b)releasing - allow yourself once having reflected to let go of any extra baggage or pieces we have picked up along the way that we no longer choose to carry. The full moon is the culmination; yet with every culmination comes a release. The full moon is the moon preparing to wane, so this is naturally a good time to release while the moon is waning. Allow yourself stillness, releasing of habits, items, and other existences that seem to be cluttering your mind and physical existence.

Today take the time to list some of the positive experiences that you have experienced through your affirmations, make a list of all that you are thankful for and meditate of that! Allow yourself to be full in gratitude and joy and continue to attract moments and things that will keep adding to your gratitude. The full moon in the sign of Libra is a time of balance. Libra is the sign of justice and balance, so on this day EXPECT for your affirmations to be balanced with some physical manifestations.

Stay Abundant!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thought For The Day: What Lies Within You...

Thought for The Day:
And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
- Luke 17:20-21

What does it mean to have God's kingdom within you?  Have you thought about that recently?  It is the only reason that we are able to manifest in our life.

We are each uniquely special and hold something very divine within us, it is just a matter of activating that special divine place.  Think of it like your bank card.  When it arrives in the mail, it is just a piece of plastic, but as soon as you call that 1-800 number all of a sudden within moments it has special value and becomes something that you carry around with you all the time.

Affirmations are one way of tapping into that divine power within us and activating a new realm that allows for miracles to take place regularly.  

Often time we look outside of ourselves when we are faced with a challenge.  We see the challenge as an outside situation and we also see the solution as an outside thing.  Well I challenge you to take a look within.  Oftentimes it is simply our ego that is holding us  back from serious breakthrough and our best life.  The things that we seek outside of us may provide a temporary happiness or a moment of distraction, but nothing on the outside of your true self will ever be the key to unlocking your potential and your dreams.  Not another person, not a different living situation, not more money!  You have everything you need RIGHT NOW deep inside you.  Look within to see the root of your challenges and obstacles and look within to seek the solutions - I guarantee you that they are located in the same spot.

Sending you peace and the courage to go within!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thought For the Day: Possibility

Thought For the Day:
I dwell in possibility.
- Emily Dickinson

Sometimes it takes but 4 words to say something profound and inspiring. I have a friend who uses this quote in her email signatures, and recently I have been thinking a lot over OM about possibility.

The Merriam-Webber dictionary defines possibility as:
1 a: being within the limits of ability, capacity, or realization b: being what may be conceived, be done, or occur according to nature, custom, or manners
2 a: being something that may or may not occur
b: being something that may or may not be true or actual
3: having an indicated potential

Etymology wise, possibility comes from the Latin possibilis meaning"that can be done," and from posse "be able". In the Italian language the verb "I can" is posso.

Imagine if everything that you see as a possibility you give value to, and know that it is available freely to you! The English language connotes that a possibility is not always something that will manifest, yet the root of this word shows that in fact it means that a possibility is something that ONLY can be achieved.

Today I challenge you to dwell in possibility and give value and faith to all the possibilities that you seek in life and that life seeks in you

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 6: Acceptance and Effortlessly Living

Thoughts for the Day:
An integral being knows withough going, sees without looking and accomplishes without doing.
-Lao Tzu
There are three components to the Law of Least Effort -- three things you can do to put this principle of "do less and accomplish more" into action. The first component is acceptance. Acceptance simply means that you make a commitment: "Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur." This means I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. This moment -- the one you're experiencing right now -- is the culmination of all the moments you have experienced in the past. This moment is as it is because the entire universe is as it is.
- Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

What does it mean to effortlessly exist and live? Last year a dear friend of mine gave me this chapter from Deepak Chopra's The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success titled The Law of Least Effort.  I confess that the idea of least effort through me into a moment of confusion and resistance.  I thought to myself: "Least effort?? I cannot just sit back and let things will come to me!  I have to control them!  What if they don't come?"

However the concept of doing less and effortlessly living is not so much about "not doing anything", but rather is more about:
A) Living in the Present - dealing with one moment at a time and being your best during it
B) Having Faith to know that you are protected and supported and that all situations and matters will resolve themselves perfectly when you apply and practice FAITH!
c) ACCEPTANCE - accepting where you are at every moment.  When you accept something, it means you take it as it is and pass no judgement onto it - no need to question or to begin to go into panic, but practice faith to know that you are equipped to go through it and learn from it.

Accept exactly where you are in your life today and LOVE the every moment.  My pastor, Dr. Dollar, this weekend said something very moving - "Learn to be anointed right where you are".  You're blessed right at this moment, and you have already manifested all you are working on as soon as you decided to commit to change and spoke your affirmations out loud, you manifested!

Enjoy the NOW.  Give thanks for every manifestation that ever occurs (regardless of where it falls in time)!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thought of the Day: Giving

Thought of the Day:
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." - Luke 6:38

I want to thank all of you who have shared with me your opinions, honesty, gratitude, and criticism with me thus far.  Particularly I am thankful to be able to share with you all and work as a community on strengthening and building our faith, confidence, love and all that good stuff.  
I have a yoga teacher who often during our practice will remind us that yoga is a practice that shows that you truly get what you give.  She always says that the practice of yoga wants you to give as much as you can, but it will never ask more than what you have to give.

Similar to life and with your affirmations and the new transformations that you all have decided to work on, you must continue to give all that you have.  What you have may change daily, but give all of it, give all of your heart to your practice of life and your practice of affirming.  All that you give out to the world and to yourself you receive instantly.  So give to your spirit and soul - nurture and spend time building this true and beautiful part of yourself that wants for you to be free and a joyful being.  And give to those around you.  We all have something so special to give and share - don't be shy with it, it wants to come back and give to you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 4: Releasing Resistance

Thought For the Day:
All inner resistance is experienced as negativity in one form or another. All negativity is resistance. In this context, the two words are almost synonymous.
Negativity ranges from irritation or impatience to fierce anger, from a depressed mood or sullen resentment to suicidal despair. Sometimes the resistance triggers the emotional pain body…The ego believes that through negativity it can manipulate reality and get what it wants.... The fact is, of course, that negativity does not work. Instead of attracting a desirable condition, it stops it from arising. Instead of dissolving an undesirable one, it keeps it in place.
Once you have identified with some form of negativity, you do not want to let it go, and on a deeply unconscious level, you do not want positive change. It would threaten your identity as a depressed, angry or hard-done-by person. You will then ignore, deny or sabotage the positive in your life. This is a common phenomenon. It is also insane. ~ Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

I have been called to write about resistance.  I confess that there have been times that I wanted to avoid my affirmations or procrastinate on doing them.  And I had to question "Where is this resistance to my truest and happiest life coming from?"  It was confirmed that I needed to address this when a couple of people participating in OM told me that this was a bit more challenging than they were expecting.  Without judgement to myself or anyone else, I just ask - Why is it easier of more comfortable to be in a state of discontent?  Why do we settle for living half way?  And why do we often resist the habits and/or exercises that will lead us to vibrating at our fullest potential?

Resistance is what fear uses to keep us in place.  It encourages us to not believe and to be faithless.  And we must release resistance regularly in order to move on and to yield breakthroughs.  If you are truly ready for the success, you will have to stand up to resistance.  Release resistance with actions of choosing love and tasks of love, rather than tasks or moments of fear and numbing.  Release resistance by affirming:
I release resistance and all fear, I proclaim that I am now ready to receive perfect love [insert any other noun which you may be working on].

Sometime when I first began my journey into the subconscious and to affirmations, I found that often I preferred to listen to my iPod on shuffle of music, rather than listen to my customized affirmations.  Why did I resist these affirmations?  Sometimes I would resist and not listen, and other times, I would step over what I thought I wanted (which is what my ego wanted - fear, unhappiness), and I would listen to the affirmations anyway, and as I listened I would enjoy them and eventually come to a place of gratitude for stepping over my ego.

Resistance will present itself in our life.  Let us use it to strengthen us, and to make us victors in this existence.  Use it to your advantage to grow stronger and more committed to your truest self and life.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3: Being A Miracle Transmitter

Thought for the Day:
Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. They are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less. 
- A Course In Miracles

Being a transmitter means that you are constantly giving and receiving. And as you transmit, you will begin to notice that truly giving and receiving are on in the SAME. In order to give, there must be one to receive, and in order to receive there must be one that is giving. 

This being said, allow yourself to be a transmitter of miracles. As you affirm and begin to witness your affirmations coming to physical life, let yourself truly acknowledge that we all work together and that you are surrounded by and are swimming in a miracle pool - people want to help you to manifest your goals. Are you open to letting them? You may think you are, but you may be giving mixed signals.

Similar to what Ghandi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - today I encourage you to BE THE MIRACLE YOU WISH TO SEE IN LIFE! This means being a miracle giver and receiver - helping all life experience and enjoy miracles, and letting yourself enjoy them just the same.

Sending you all miraculous blessings to fill your day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 2: On a Cellular Level...

Thought for the Day:
We must believe and rejuvenate on the cellular level!

I ready something the other day that I cannot stop quoting to people. At the suggestion of my Uncle, I am reading a book called Awakening Intuition by Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz. On page 2 she writes:
When something significant happens to us in our lives, the emotionally charged experience gets encoded in the brain. We may not even know he true significance of this experience, yet it, and the other emotionally charged memories, will affect everything we do in the future, from whom we choose for companionship to what we do for a living...We have other memories besides those in our brains. Memories and experiences and the emotions associated with them are also encoded systematically in al the tissues and organs of our bodies. These memories and emotions speak to us not via the rational processes of the brain, but by means of symptoms and disease in our bodily organs.

The thoughts of a person and the memories affect us physically.  So today when we are affirming and intending, let us do the best to do such from a cellular level.  Feel with your whole body, feel with the tiniest part of your body that you can imagine.  And send vibrations of success, of good health, of a prospering career, of a fulfilling romantic life through your WHOLE BODY - send it to your cells, to your veins, to your pinky toe nail - all over.  Let us envelop and soak our whole body and mind and existence in our affirmations.  In the same way that memories and thoughts can cause physical challenges, they can also cause healing, rejuvenation, and physical endurance and power.

Here are some great affirmations that my friend Calvin sent me awhile ago that speak to affirming on a cellular level:







Sending LOVE! Thank you for choosing success and love!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I received these today from a listserv, wanted to share!! enjoy!!
Your Daily Affirmations for the first week of April, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am one with the Spirit that simply is. I am that.

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Today I meditate, pray, and practice the presence of the divine Spirit within me.

Friday, April 3, 2009
Today in all I do and in all I say, I am a blessing to the world.

Saturday, April 4, 2009
Today I set the creative process into action by what I say do and think.

Sunday, April 5, 2009
Today I remember the secret that my protection rests in knowing the truth that I am one with the power.

Monday, April 6, 2009 
Today I ask, What must I do, Spirit? follow my guidance. I take the steps. I take action.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 
Today I know that Spirit is all I need and want. My desires are ful filled, and I have all that I need

Day 1: In order to Have Something You've Never Had....

Thought for the Day:
In order to have something you have never had, you must do something you have never done.

I am not exactly sure who originally said this, but I think there is some value in this.  I am starting off the series with this note, because I want to encourage you to think outside the box and to think beyond what you may have ever dreamt to imagine could be.  I want you to encourage you to release anything hurtful and negative that EVERYTHING you have been taught and told about yourself or the world.  This is NOT your reality.  Your reality is what you make it. Today begin to do something you may have never done.  Today let yourself deepen your FAITH.  Do not let TV, other people, or newspapers discourage you - instead let your heart, your faith, and your belief in YOURSELF and your spirit guide and ENCOURAGE you beyond limit.  Today with your affirmations, BELIEVE more deeply!  As you believe more deeply you will begin to release any fears or doubts that may have been programmed into your mind.  As you release, you are now making more space for all of your goals and the faith that you have in yourself to accomplish them and live your BEST LIFE!!