Friday, May 8, 2009

Full Moon Tonight (Tomorrow Morning) in Scorpio 5/9/09 @ 12:01am EST

Today you may feel the energy shifting as we approach a full moon tonight (around midnight). A Full Moon is a time where there are strong pulls from both the sun and the moon; the sun representing daytime, action, practical, and rational thinking and the moon representing nighttime, rest, and the subconscious and emotional states. The full moon is a time of peak and FULLNESS, which is great because there is a lot of potential with that fullness, but it can also be overwhelming because it is almost as though every emotion, thought and area of your life is being stimulated and it seems you have no control over stopping the stimlualtion or slowing it down.

But trust, it just seems that way. Today, do your best to take a few moments (if you are feeling overwhelmed or just on the brink of feeling overwhelmed) to sit calmly and engage in something that wholistically relaxes you (cooking, meditating, journaling, etc). Call on that inner guide that is always working and that always brings peace and always directs you perfectly.

The full moon will be in the sign of Scorpio. Right now as the sun is in Taurus, the moon is in the sign opposite/complimentary to Taurus, Scorpio - so there are the energies of Taurus - practicality, steadiness and the energies of Scorpio - intensity, darkness all surfacing at the same time. The sign of Scorpio is a water sign, and its known symbol is the Scorpion; known to have lethal claws and a deadly sting. However another image for Scorpio is an eagle. There is a wisdom and intelligence as well as an unbound courage and journey for freedom resounding in the energy of this sign as well. The sign of Scorpio encourages us to get in contact with our subconscious and our intuition, and then the BIG challenge arises - TO ACTUALLY ACT UPON THAT INTUITION AND TRUST IT!!

Release your intuition through action today. Trust your inner guide and know that you are an intelligent being. The Bible says: Faith without works is dead (James 2:20), well intuition without acting upon it is as good as dead. This next part of the moon cycle while the moon is waning (getting smaller in appearance in the sky) is the ideal time to release habits, thought patterns, relationships, jobs, etc that are no longer serving your highest purpose on the planet. ***Important note***We are at the beginning of a Mercury Retrograde so releasing and getting rid of things that have been semi-permanent structures in one's life may have an extra stubborness, just be patient and release them through your mind and through ritual and soon they will be released from your physical life.

Allow yourself to be apart of the earth, and change as the trees do this season. Allow new leaves and flowers to bud and know that the leaves that fell and withered in the past few months are now apart of something else so that you could make room for new life energy.

I like what has to say about this full moon:
The Full Moon in Scorpio is a time to release attachment to old pain and arise like a phoenix from the ashes of burned off karma; freed from narcissistic self-obsession and ready to help others heal their own pain. Jupiter (relating), Chiron (wounding) and Neptune (transcendence) in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces make this a particularly potent New Moon in Scorpio to wake up and out of victimology. Visualize yourself as a snake, shedding its dead skin to reveal gleaming new colors. The fresh-faced innocence of Venus and Mars in Aries will give you the energy to start anew.

Allow and accept the transformation to continue and know that you are going to the perfect place. Take some time today to also visualize the perfect place for you and to do one act that is bringing you closer to it. It is truly a new season and a new day!

Peace to you all...!