Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thought of the Day: The Force of Love

Thought of the Day:
Love is the Force that Gets Things Done.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about time, and I confess that one of the challenges that I deal with regularly is being present and patient, and allowing the NOW or today to speak for itself and provide for itself, rather than to let anxieties about the future ruin or disturb the equilibrium of the now.

I love the quote above and I reference it constantly to myself and to others.  Sometimes we think that it is physical objects like money or people who make things happen, but what is behind those physical objects that are appearing to move things?  What is truly the force that produces success, happiness, miracles, great opportunities, and everything else?  I propose that it is love, and that it is love that truly makes all things happen.    Miracles happen out of love, and people open up because of love, and so on and so forth.

Where we are today, as happy, is through love.

Nothing positive or momentous has ever happened in this world without some love.  Without love, there is nothing, there is stagnancy, there is fear, there is anger, there is scarcity.  So if you are experiencing any of these nouns, I challenge you to add more love into the equation in whatever way is comfortable and makes sense for you.  Be the force to help and encourage all those who are around you.  Let yourself give love.  It is free!  

"Peace begins with a smile" - Mother Theresa, let it start with you!

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