Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Ready to ~OM~

Please take the time to read this whole message:
As you prepare yourself for the start of OM, take sometime this evening and night to think about what you want to dedicate the next 21 days to. Take time to listen to what area you want to experience the most change
Personal Behavior?
Listen to what area is calling you the most. Are you TRULY ready for the transformation? Are you ready for the change in your life that is occuring through transformation and through success?? The only thing that is ever lying between one and success is fear.
This evening take the time to release fear and to embrace transformation.

Please take some time this evening before transitioning into April 1 to repeat the following affirmations by writing or speaking:
I release fear from my life. I now embrace joy and love into my life. (Feel free to add your own additions to this)

Also once you have decided what area you will be affirming and manifesting in, prepare yourself today (if you have not already done so) by writing out your affirmations. Here are some tips for writing affirmations:
1) Speak from the Affirmative and positive!
Let's say your objective is to transform your body through gaining leanness/losing weight, here are 2 examples of affirmations:
Bad example: I don't gain weight from the food I eat
GREAT example: I release toxins and excess weight from my body with ease and speed, I am not my ideal weight.
Speak from the positive, begin to shift how you give yourself authority.
2)Be as clear and as descriptive as possible. Use words that make sense and ring bells for you! Use the language that is most easily accpeted by you
3)Speak for the "I" perspective - you are in control, not anyone else.
Other Affirmation/Manifestation Tips:
1) Speak aloud your affirmations. There is a power of what you speak out loud. Thoughts are very powerful and thinking things to yourself are powerful but letting your affirmations roll off your tongue is very powerful and makes a bold statement to the Universe!
2) If possible record yourself speaking your affirmations and listen to them as you sleep, this will program your subconscious most quickly to manifest the physical actualities of your goals.
3) Be SPECIFIC! These are your personal goals, so be specific, feel no shame about what you want and how you want it!! Claim it, and go get it exactly how you want it. No need to settle for anything less than your perfect dreams.
4) BELIEVE!! If you do not believe that this will make a difference in your life, then don't bother doing it. You must believe in your power to intend and call things into your life. As it says in the Bible:
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.
Matthew 21:22

You must believe in your ability to change, even if it is a little belief, let that tiny seed of belief turn into a beautiful and fertile garden of belief with time. All gardens start from a seed.

So here are the lose rules/guidelines for OM (obviously tailor to fit your needs and lifestyle):
1) Choose an area in your existence you are ready to transform or bring about about something new
2) Create affirmations which support this transition. Your affirmations can be 1 sentecnce long, or it can be 1 paragraph long.
3)Begin and close each day with taking the time to repeat OUT loud your affirmations. I suggest doing it in a mirror. Make sure you are in a quiet setting, and let your body feel relaxed. Either speak the affirmations into the mirror or sit quietly with your eyes closed and feel yourself relaxed and speak the affirmations out loud. Tailor this to however you will feel best and most comfortable. Affirmations works best when you are relaxed and stress free.
4)Carry an index card with your affirmation (if not memorized) and take it out when you need to be refresed. Read on the subway, at work, at home - whenever you need to refocus and recenter.
5)Listen to your affirmations voice recorded by you while asleep (if you have the ability to do that).
6)Each day, take the time to write down a few things that you are thankful for. Each day, write down the things you are intending on as part of the list of things you are thankful for. This will help to have your brain accept this manifestation as already physically actualized.
7) Would you like a partner to work with? Let me know and I will pair you up with another person.

I will be sending updates daily!! Please email me with any questions - soulistichealing@gmail.com

Ready , set, GO!
Happy OM!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to Operation Manifestation! OM!

Thanks to my friend, Julette Millen, I have been inspired to create a 21 day group study and group manifestation.

In many cultures and traditions, 21 is the number of days it takes to make or break a habit. You must commit to actively practicing what you are trying to make or break though for the whole 21 and you WILL SEE RESULTS!

This April, join me for OPERATION MANIFESTATION (OM)!

During this 21 days, we will come together, and BELIEVE! We will believe that we are able to manifest physically through our belief, consistency and through affirmations.

For 21 days, let us each commit to one area in our life we want results and we want change in. Change begins withIN you- not with another person or a thing outside of you. Let us begin to change our thinking and go towards an area of belief, faith, and freedom!

Begin to think about an area in which you want to manifest. Do you want a new career? Do you want a healthier body? Do you want a more affectionate relationship?

Well it is YOURS to have - so begin.

Now as you think about the area you want to commit to, begin to think about affirmations that affirm your goal, here are some great links to inspire and encourage you to create your own affirmations (you can also message me as well):

Starting April 1, we will begin 21 days of affirmations towards manifestation. Commit to a morning and evening ritual to repeat and visualize your affirmations and begin to take note.

I will be sending more tips and info each day of OM!

See you in Success!