Friday, July 10, 2009

Operation Manifestation (OM) 2 Returns: Making Changes

Happy Day 1! I love that today is July 10 because 10 = 1 from a numerological standpoint (1+0=1). 1 is the number of initiative and starts so I am confident that today will be a great day to start the rest of our lives!

"Your choices will change the world" - from a Traditional Medicines tea bag

Sometimes it may be hard to see, but it is true, our choices affect and change the whole world. When we smile at a stranger at the street, we send them love and compassion and then they may be encouraged to also send love and is a domino effect.

Today's suggested area of habit/routine to make change in is in travel or transportation. Perhaps:
*You travel a new route to work
*You approach walking with new eyes to see all the beauty around you
*You give an extra big thank you to your bus driver/taxi driver
*Walk down a different street that you hardly walk down

While this may seem like a tiny choice, it will affect all the rest of your choices today, and will also affect your ability to make new choices and open your mind to new ideas and habits!

Note: Feel free to make a change in another area of your life. These are just suggested areas. All actions of making change or doing something different count!

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