Monday, July 20, 2009

OM.2 - Day 11 - Challenging Normal

Happy Monday OM-ers!
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“Bad moods become bad days, which become bad weeks, which become bad months and years. Before you know it, you're living an unhappy life and you probably think this is normal.” - Brenda Anderson

What do you think is normal? Why do you think it is normal? Is it normal because everyone around you believes that it is, or is it normal because it seems to be the only thing that you know. Normal implies going by the rules of society, and complying by the standards set by society. I think that we can all agree that the only way that society has ever gone through transformation and revoultion is when some or one has challenged what is normal.

Today ask yourself:
What do I think is normal?
Why do I think it is normal?
Who told me it was normal?
Does normal make me happy?

You can change what you beleive to be normal. If you beleive being stressed out is the norm, you can change it to feel that being free and joyful is the norm. But it begins with your mind and wanting to change. As soon as you plant the seed of being ready to change and embrace your truest happiness, the seed will begin to grow and take over.

Today challenge yourself to live outside of normal. Do something "different" at work. Speak to new people at work or speak or listen more than usual at work.
When you begin to live outside of the perceived normal, you begin to create your own normal and that is our birthright!

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