Saturday, July 11, 2009

OM.2 Days 2 + 3

"Just because something feels familiar doesn't mean its the most powerful use of your energy. Take responsibility. Life ebbs and flows. You create the quality of your life with your choices, and your power comes from learning how to navigate the ebb and flow..." - Brenda Anderson, "Playing the Quantum Field"

Over the weekend I suggest you continue to look at your routine. Think about what your "usual weekend" is like and try to break it up or add some spice in it. If you often run errands and feel like the weekend is full of tasks, do something to comfort yourself as well. Make yourself and self care your priority! If you feel like your weekends are times of vegging and "doing nothing", create something for yourself to do - perhaps complete a project at home you have been wanting to finish. Listen to your instincts and what your mind wanders off to.

Here are some suggestions:
-Wake up a new time and try a new habit. Perhaps wake up earlier and take a walk outside with no intentions but to give thanks, or wake up earlier and start your day with a prayer and or meditation. Mornings are a great time for a meditative practice and can really shape the rest of your day.
-Spend time in new spaces: Go to a different place for brunch or your morning coffee, try a new supermarket at a different time
-Take a new approach with some of your household chores. Does doing it with a smile make it more pleasant?

Observe your moods through the day and continue to note where you are feeling great and when you are feeling not so great, this will be useful when we begin to tap into changing moods and outlooks on things.

Life is to be lived and to enjoy every single moment!

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