Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Moon in Leo::Aug 20, 2009 @6:01am EST

Today at 6:01am EST, a New Moon occurred in the sign of Leo. Perhaps today you woke up and felt anew or felt like you may have shed some fears away and are ready to approach the world and ready to be brave.

The New Moon is when the moon is going into its waxing stage (meaning in the sky it will appear to grow larger). For years the New Moon has been a time for people to plant seeds (literally and figuratively), so this is a great time to start new projects and to begin to intend or visualize new parts of your life that you are ready to grow. The sign Leo naturally rules the 5th house, house of creativity, children, love affairs, and romance. Leo also is the zodiac sign associated with the heart - both literally and figuratively.

Often when we think of the heart, we think of love and we think of courage. Today is going to be a day to be courageous in not only your actions but in your thoughts. A New Moon in Leo is setting the stage for us to be creative and to be bold in our creations. It is setting the scene for us "to have heart" and to "put our heart into it". If you want something, put your heart into it and go get it! Right now the sun is conjunct the moon in Leo, so we may be feeling extra creative and perhaps even more confident than usual. Here are some forecasts for today and the the next couple days:
Leo: This is your birthday season, let the energy you receive around your birthday be in the foundation of your new personal year. Perhaps you have been wanting to spice up your wardrobe of hairstyle - go for it!
Virgo: Tap into your inner courage, it is going to be called on, and you must remember that you are strong and bold and can solve any problem successfully that comes your way!
Libra: Nothing is too big, allow yourself to dream without limitations! Surround yourself by those who support you.
Scorpio: You have natural ability to take authority right now, use it to get things done and believe in yourself!
Sagittarius: You may have a trip ahead of you that will spark a lot of creativity and fun!
Capricorn: Let today's new moon put to rest any habits from the past that have not been serving you and your highest self. You have the power to create your best life now!
Aquarius: Continue to deal with people in an honest and sincere matter, and you will build some great partnerships. If you are interested in someone romantically, say something!
Pisces: Use this creativity at work to problem solve and to add value to your position at work!
Aries: You may be feeling quite playful lately, continue to radiate that love and let it shine...there is someone who is watching you and interested in playing with you!
Taurus: Take some time to clean house, get rid of old clothes, creatively re-arrange space - there are lots of new things coming to you, you have to create space for it!
Gemini: Be idealistic about what is happening in life, even if other's don't understand why, you know why and that is what counts!
Cancer: Use this time to be creative about how you earn your money, you have lots of potential right now to team up with new people and tap into creativity that will really "pay" off

I wish you all lots of LOVE...let this time be ruled by your heart. Listen to you heart's desire. Act on those desires with FAITH, and know that you deserve the BEST! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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