Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sending Clear Messages to The Universe

We are constantly sending messages to the Universe through our thoughts, our words and our actions. Every single feeling and action has meaning and each is received by the Universe and processed. There is no thought or word that is not accounted for. I don't write this scare you or to make you feel that you have a whole bunch of messages out there that you didn't mean to send. I write this to encourage you to commit to sending clear messages through your thoughts, through your spoken and unspoken words, and through you actions. Everyday is a new day to do better and to learn from the previous day.

So I ask you, are you sending clear messages to the Universe? When you are not controlling your mind, what kind of thoughts and feelings do you automatically have? Do you automatically have feelings of overwhelm and fear? Or does your mind autopilot to peace and excitement for life? I would guess that each day is different and presents different thoughts and actions due to the course of events of the day. However I have faith that you can live in a mind of peace constantly no matter what the course of the day and no matter how many seeming challenges come up.

Today send your clear messages, set the pace that you want your life to take through your thoughts, actions and words. All yourself to live in peace and receive the goodness that you are sending out to the Universe!

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